29 Mart 2014 Cumartesi


01-2010-volvo-s80_580op.jpg görüntüleniyorVolvo S80 is a concrete expression of sophisticated elegance. Soft, comfortable ride and includes materials such as wood and leather with elegant Scandinavian design, great shows to everyone that came our SEDs.

S80 sophisticated elegance of a new grille, daytime running lights, light guided taillights, a new rear bumper with elegant chrome accents and was further developed. In addition, the new front design does not only look stylish but also improves pedestrian's safety .

Volvo_S80_279_1024x768.jpg görüntüleniyorMoreover, our personal Vehicle Communication Device (PPC), whether you can remotely control your vehicle locked.

What else is in the car on the property sought !

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