29 Mart 2014 Cumartesi


Mercedes-Benz on the road to date, was founded in 1986. A tough team brings excellent job on your business, your workload, the catheter to the mile, with respect to emeğinize and brow has been the market leader for 12 consecutive years.
Atego is suitable for all types of bodywork. Distribution business for the open, closed or refrigerated Besides, special purpose such as garbage press superstructures can be easily applied to the Atego. Atego, carries the burden of any business, you also banamı does not cause problems. 
Intelligent engine, the less fuel is beyond the ups and upgrades. Atego, the owner adds a lot to its fleet.
Moreover, Atego with high-tech firm and durable engine in its segment, periodic maintenance intervals carries the distinction of being the longest truck. Atego service instead of going to work, reduce fleet operating costs

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